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I’M Gracienne


YES, THIS IS WHY I’M creating this community to help people change their lifestyle and GET THEIR LIFE BACK. YES, Get your life back So you can ENJOY GOOD SLEEP, GREAT ENERGY, SLEEP, FOCUS BETTER and Get CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH.


Therefore, this community of GET YOUR LIFE BACK FROM CHRONIC DISEASE is bred because most people are unable to live a healthy lifestyle.

What are the benefits of Changing Your Lifestyle to Get Your Life Back ?

Who is this Membership For ?

Who is this Membership Not For?

 Membership Plans

Get Your Life Back

$ 42
97 Monthly
  • 12 group coaching sessions.
  • Free monthly challenges on the Facebook community
  • Access to JP Health and Wellness provider for a quick conversation about your plan and progress at least once a week in between group coaching sessions via WhatsApp
  • Complementary supplement consultation and Functional Test

Higher Vibration and Get Your Life Back

$ 85
44 Monthly
  • Everything of LEVEL 1 Membership
  • Receive $100 worth of supplements when you pay upfront for the yearly membership
  • 5% discount in all JP Health and Wellness affiliates stores
  • 3 sessions of AO scan frequency sounds

Rejuvenate and Get Your Life Back

$ 164
44 Monthly
  • Everything of LEVEL 2 Membership
  • *24 group coaching sessions on Zoom, including 2 with a provider who focuses on Nutrition
  • Complete Integrative Health and Wellness assessment which focus on your overall health and lifestyle with recommendation and plan. (AO scan frequency consultation)
  • 4 sessions of HeartMath group Biofeedback
  • 10 % discount in all JP Health and Wellness affiliates stores


Gracienne always discovers what the patient’s personal needs are, and never hesitates to go the extra mile for them. She is always reading medical journals and attending medical meetings to keep herself up to date on the latest developments in cancer care so she can utilize her broad knowledge and expertise in her daily dealings with cancer patients. She has an outstanding work ethic and a excellent sense of empathy for patients.

– Dr. Ralph Gousse, MD, Florida Cancer Specialist

Gracienne rock, she so compassionate. I attended her stress management program. I was overwhelmed, and my health was getting out of control that I could not function. Gracienne holds my hands, holds space for me and gives me all the tools I needed. Now I’m thriving, and my life has changed forever

– Tina Gonzales

I am very grateful for the compassionate, healing support, I received from working with Gracienne. After each session, I felt more positive and ready to take the steps we’d identified that would support my healing journey. Thank You Gracienne for serving as a shining light every step of the way !

– Jean Bertelsen

Gracienne explained what was happening tp me in easy-to-understand terms and phrases. I’ll never forget her kindness, knowledge, and ‘softness’ during my cancer treatment. I truly needed all three

– Lorna Etchison, Cancer Survivor

I Love Gracienne, She is so caring when she teaches about breast health. Her Information is so Up to Date. I enjoy the class and looking forward to her next class. Thank you for changing my life

– Juliette Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

At JP Health and Wellness, you will receive the undivided attention, and root cause recommendations to help you better understand your body and move forward. You will have direct access to our providers for quick conversations between appointments. We also offer individual appointments or an Annual Comprehensive Membership program.

New Patient Appointments:

Please note that a $100 deposit is taken at the time of scheduling. This will apply towards your first appointment; the remaining balance is due at the end of your new patient appointment.

Follow-up appointments*:

Extended follow-up appointments are also available. They are equivalent in time and cost to two (2) follow-up appointments.

We have noticed that when patients commit to our annual membership, they seem to get better faster and are committed to making the change.  We’ve designed this program to put you on the path to healing well within one year! You can choose to pay upfront and receive a greater discount or go with a lower monthly fee.


Please note that this is a year commitment and there is no refund or cancellation of your membership. This is a commitment to your health and we take this very seriously. The spot is designed for you. If you have any concerns regarding this policy please talk to the JP Health and Wellness staff.

My role is to help you implement a healthy lifestyle focused on your overall health and wellness. We will work on this in partnership with your primary care. However, we cannot act as your Primary Care doctor. Many patients have a Primary Care doctor for referrals and emergencies.

JP Health and Wellness has an online supplement dispensary with trusted brands and formulations handpicked by your providers. We have an online supplement store because we feel they are the safest and most effective products. All prices are dictated by the supplement companies themselves.

Order by phone or reach FullScript’s customer service for help M-Th 9 am – 8 pm, Fri-Sat 9 am- 5 pm (1-877-941-1449)


I also partnered with Nutrametix and Lifewave but are other places you could order your supplement. Click the links to check the online store.


We do receive compensation for the time spent selecting, and maintaining an online store. You are free to search for viable options elsewhere. Our online store is for the convenience for patients.

Integrative medicine includes modalities such as botanical, mind-body, somatic and other evidence-based therapies. It includes the most effective treatments from both traditional medicine and complementary medicine to create a plan which to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Working together with a practitioner who understands the Integrative medicine world and incorporating coaching using the mind, body, and spirit to help clients with chronic disease or cancer for prevention and health maintenance. Incorporating lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, stress reduction and sleep.

Meet Gracienne

Gracienne Jean Pierre is an Integrative Health and Lifestyle Medicine Consultant and Quantum Medicine Provider. Most of her clients called her the “Alchemist NP” because she transformed her client’s health so that they could thrive. Her passion is to help you revitalize and reclaim your health and wellbeing from the inside out using your mind, energy, and lifestyle.

Let's get healthy....

Gracienne Jean Pierre, RN, MSN, FNP-C, IHC

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